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The Jones Family Line

Descendants of John Jones

To the grandchildren.

John Jones, born in 1821, Denbigh, Wales, Coal miner.
Married to
Sarah Darbey, born in 1826, Tipton, Stafford, baptized on 12 November 1826, Sedgley, Stafford, with

  • · John, born in 1856, Dudley, Stafford, Coal miner.
  • · William, born in 1858, Dudley, Stafford, Coal miner.
  • · Richard, born in 1865, Coseley, Sedgley, Dudley, Stafford, Coal miner.
    Married in 1888, Wakefield Register Office, to
    Agnes Morris Painter, born in 1866, Scarborough, died - Featherstone, Dressmaker, with
    • · John Arnold, born in 1889, Woodhouse, Normanton, died in 1965 (age at death: 76 years old).
    • · Fred, born in 1891, Crowther Street, Normanton.
    • · Florence Emily, born in 1896, Normanton, died in 1970, Wakefield (age at death: 74 years old).
      Married in 1915, Normanton Parish Church, to
      James Dinsdale, born in 1891, Hurworth, Durham, died in 1945, Normanton, buried - Normanton Churchyard (age at death: 54 years old), Coal Miner.
    • · Ida, died in 1966.
      Married to
      Fred Gill.
    • · Sarah, died in 1972, Knaresborough, Nurse.
      Married to
      John Lingard, died in 1970, Knaresborough, Building Contractor.
  • · Sarah Jane, born in 1868, Pendlebury, Manchester.

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